Guide on How to Use PVA accounts without getting them banned/flagged/blocked/disabled.

1.Use of good quality and high-level proxies.

Firstly, always use high lever secured and paid Proxy servers to log in to the PVA accounts. Never use cheap and low-quality proxies. Secondly, never use one IP to log in to multiple accounts always use multiple secured IPs to login to bulk or many PVA accounts. Don’t try proxy server packages like fineproxy, proxymir, etc. Don’t use apps like PandaVPN, Hola VPN, FreeVPN, etc to change the IP. These VPN services use shared VPN servers.

2. Don’t use the same device for multiple accounts.

Never use the same devices to log in to multiple accounts at once, always use different devices to log in. Different devices includes:

  • More than one computer
  • More than one cell phone.
  • Custom program for logging in.
  • Changing browsers.
  • Use special browsers like Accovod.

3. Don’t do spam activity on the PVA accounts.

Immediate Spamming can cause a ban.  Doing spam activities such as hundreds and thousands of likes, sending hundreds and thousands of spam emails, etc.) can be alarming and can cause a permanent ban on your PVA accounts.

Do some common actions first such as subscribe to several people, like posts, add photos, make reposts, do comments, etc.

IMPORTANT: Accounts can only be replaced within the replacement time period. Replacement can not be claimed If accounts get disabled due to the violation of the company’s policies or due to any illegal activity.